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Custom Pet Portraits on Canvas Panel

I use a crisp modern style to capture and reflect the heart and soul of your sweet fur baby. The better your reference photo, the more accurate and full of detail your portrait will be.

Good reference photos are:

A. one that is well lit (not too dark or overexposed);
B. Taken preferably at eye level with your pet so the photo shows their face in it’s entirety; and

C. Shows your pet’s personality.


Here are some TIPS on snapping a great photo of a smiling dog.

1. Go to the park.
2. Play, Play, Play.

(…stay with me here)

3. Tire out your pup.
4. Stop for a drink of water or a breather.

(Now’s your chance!)

5. While he/she is panting/resting, get on your knees and start snapping.

(I have, in most cases, never met your pet. I know they are in all likelihood adorable AND gorgeous, but your painting can only be as good as your photo. And I can’t stress that enough!

I can sometimes Photoshop a picture enough to zoom in, lighten it or soften the contrast to see definition, but if it’s blurry, overexposed, or I can only see the top of your pet’s head because you were standing over them when you took the photo, that wont work. I’m being completely honest here because, let’s face it, we both want the same thing – an awesome portrait that we can be proud of.)


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